Yucca rostrata Blue Swan

Yucca rostrata Blue Swan is similar to Yucca rostara but it has wider leaves,
lighter blue and semi-rigid
The pure Yucca rostrata takes a long time to flower, so it is usually
usually reaches 2 O 3 meters of trunk without branching.
It should be planted in a soil with very good drainage, in full sun and water it little.
During the winter it is convenient not to water it to increase its resistance to cold..
The snow does not affect it.Tª min approx -22/-25 ºC.

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

Yucca rostrata Blue Swan



PLANT 35-45 CM


Origin: Mexico.
Height: Until 5 meters.
Rusticidad: 5b (-22º C).
Exposition: From sun to partial shade.
Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.

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