Yucca filifera

Yucca filifera plant with several stems reaching 10 m high or more.
Leaves of 30-45 cm long 2-2,4 cm wide, Green color, with slim margins brown brown fibrous.

terminal inflorescences, turgid in the beginning, Suspension after flowering, oval panicle, big.
creamy white flowers, segmentos del tépalo ovales o anchamente oblong, treble; filaments shorter than the tepals.

Fruit oblong, abayado, from 5-7 cm long; flat blackish seeds, you thin.
used as raw materials in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of hormones they are obtained

The fruits and flowers are edible.
used for building homes or other rooms products.
The leaves are raw materials for producing fibers of good quality.

forrajera: livestock feed in certain regions.
Uses gardening: pebbles, solitary specimens or large groups.
Resists in semi-desert and desert areas

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg

Yucca filifera



PLANT 50-55 CM


Origin: Mexico.
Height: Until 10 meters.
Rusticidad: 9b (-6º C).
Exposition: Soleada
Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.