xanthorrhoea glauca

Xanthorrhoea Glauca is a perennial plant native to Australia,

of young they have a bushy shape, with age they transform into trees.

They are very original and exotic plants, usually "grass tree",

because of the similarity that its leaves have to the grass.

From young they resemble a rounded group of grass blades,

but as it develops it generates a thick trunk

that is branching, leaves grow at the end of the branches.

It takes years to form the trunk, around twenty years.

Plants grow very slowly but are very long-lived, they live many years.

In their countries of origin they can grow only about two centimeters in a year,

but with the passage of time they can reach about five meters in height.

In adult specimens the trunk is thickly branched,

dark brown in color and uneven bark.

The leaves are evergreen, bluish-green or grayish-green, narrow graminoids,

fifty centimeters to one meter long, they arch when they are adults.


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