veitchia arecina

veitchia arecina or Montgomery palm is a species of the Arecaceae family

that grows spontaneously in the humid forests of the Vanuatu archipelago,

southwestern Pacific Ocean, from sea level to 1000 m of altitude.

This genre is dedicated to two English brothers of the 19th century,

James y John Veitch, nurserymen who introduced many plants to Europe.

The name of the species is due to its resemblance
with the palms of the genus Dypsis, formerly called Areca.
It is one of the most slender palm trees there is, with a trunk

ringed that reaches up to 25 m high and no more than 30 cm diameter.

Grayish in color and somewhat bulging at its base, with marked scars of fallen leaves.

The leaves are pinnate, up 4 m long, and are arranged horizontally or erect;

they have an arched spine, with pendent leaflets arranged in a single plane,

green on both sides and finished in a toothed shape;

their bases wrap around the trunk forming a capital
light green covered with silver hairs, that are changing to

brown as they approach the apex.

Arched inflorescence up to 1 m and branched 3 ó 4 times, with
greenish-white male and female flowers.

It has the red fruits of 2,5 Y 5 cm long.
It is fast growing and easy to adapt to warm subtropical climates..

Its cultivation requires sunny exposure and well-drained soils.. Tolerates mild frost.

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

veitchia arecina



PLANT 135-145 CM


Origin: vanuatu
Height: 20 meters
Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C)
Exposition: sunny to shade
Irrigation: Abundant

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