Strelitzia reginae belongs to the family of Strelitziaceas and is a very versatile plant and can be used both as a cut flower and plant gardening when the prevailing weather is benign.

Strelitzia reginae behaves as herb as mata, large evergreen having a marked midrib

They grow alternately and with long petioles, They are oval and green-gray.

Together it reaches a height that does not usually exceed meter and a half.

Each plant can bloom several times a year.

These are in their flower stalks that hold between 5 a 8 flores.

Each is composed of three sepals orange or intense yellow and bright petals three strong blue.

The quality of your flowers allows it to be used in floral compositions, providing elegance and exotic touch to the set.

Bird of Paradise Flower

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg

Strelitzia group 3 plants



PLANT 120-140 CM (4 plants)


Strelitzia Origen: Africa

Height: 1-2 meters.

Rusticidad: 9b (-4º C).

Exposition: Soleada the semisombra.


3 available

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