Sabal uresana

Sabal uresana They are large evergreen palms

reaching 30 meters high.

The elegant fan-shaped leaves are green

bluish in young plants and green when they are adults.

The small white flowers appear in long hanging clusters.. The fruits are black.
They are used as isolated individuals, in groups of 3 ó 4

specimens and in public parks. They are ideal for gardens

coastal due to its resistance to the wind.

The Sabal uresana needs full sun exposure and a warm climate.

They resist frost up to -9 ºC.

They grow in any soil that has good drainage.

whether sandy, rocky or stony.

Planting in its final location is done in spring..

Water moderately waiting for the

substrate has dried completely.

They are very drought resistant plants..

Does not need fertilizer.

They only need pruning to remove dry leaves.

They are resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg

Sabal uresana



PLANT 160-170 CM


Origin: Mexico.
Height: 15 meters.
Rusticidad: 8b (-9,5º C).
Exposition: from sunny to partial shade.
Irrigation: let dry between waterings.