Roystonea regia

The Royal Palm Cuba ( roystonea regia) It has a sturdy trunk type column marble white stalk the huge crown, green lawn, and a beautiful crown of large, feathery leaves.

rapid growth under favorable conditions.

Pinnate leaves up 8 meters long and bright green on both sides.

Inflorescences groups 3 flores, 2 male and 1 female.

rounded purple fruits.

For his majesty is an excellent palm for isolated and ornamental alignments feet giving a great category to the streets and avenues.

Widely planted as an ornamental plant in the American tropics and elsewhere.

Widely used in lineups for its size in streets and avenues.

Ideal feet isolated; It contemplated one of the most beautiful palms World.


It requires sunny exposure.

She prefers deep soils rich in organic matter.

It withstands even high winds.

abundant waterings, also tolerate drought once established.

Minimum temperature -2 ° C (for not too long).

easy transplant.

Additional Information

Weight 9 kg

Roystonea regia



PLANT 180-200 CM


Origin: Cuba.
Height: 20 meters
Rusticidad: 10a (-1.5º C)
Exposition: Soleada
Irrigation: plentiful, do not let dry between waterings