Pachypodium lamerei

Pachypodium lamerei is characterized by a thick, thorny stem

from which smooth leaves are born, big and splendid green

of which they can have very perfumed white flowers.

Grows well in drained soils, with sand or earth,

like the cactus family.

Although it is natural from some of the driest places in the world,

we cannot completely ignore the watering of the pachypodium.

In summer, let the compound dry completely between waterings,

this is about once every 2 O 3 weeks,

And the rest of the year, water it just enough to keep it from wilting.

He loves warm and sunny places.

At low temperatures, less than 15ºC, loses the leaves of his cup,

that will be reborn again in spring.

You can add cactus fertilizer to irrigation water in summer.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

Pachypodium lamerei



PLANT 70-75 CM


Origin: Africa, Namibia and Angola.

Location: sun or semi-shadow

Irrigation: let the surface layer dry between waterings


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