Mangave moonglow

Mangave Plant Information

Mangave hybrids were accidentally found

growing in the mexican desert.

There were the horticulturists collecting seeds

of the beautiful specimen manfred.

Two of these seeds grew to five times the normal size,

with leaves and flowers of different shapes that were different from

those typically found on the manfreda plant.

Finally, seed collectors realized that

there was a valley next to the collection area where Agave celsiiit grows,

hence the beginning of the mangave.

This prompted more crossovers and testing, and now the hybrid mangave

is available for the home gardener.

The interesting red spots and freckles of the manfreda plant

appear in large leaves similar to agave, often larger.

The thorns have softened with the crosses, making them more

easy to plant without painful punctures.

Although it varies according to the different types, the hybrids of

mangave sometimes grow twice as fast as agave.

How to Grow Mangave Plants

Growing mangaves are low maintenance,

drought tolerant and, often, a perfect focal point in the landscape.

Colors change and become more vibrant in the sun.

Be sure to give them enough space to grow in

all directions when i plant them.

Various types with stripes have emerged from these crosses., red freckles and

different leaf borders.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

Mangave moonglow





Origin: Mexico

Height: 1 Metro

Rusticidad: 8B (-8º C)

Exposition: Sunny to semi-shade

Irrigation: Moderate, let dry between waterings

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