Limon Tiger Pink Variegado

Lemon Tiger Pink or variegated lemon tree

EThis type of lemon differs from the others mainly

By its appearance: striped like a tiger on the outside and the inside… It is pink!

and they are leaves are variegated,

But, it tastes different too.

It has a sweeter touch, remembering the grapefruit.

This variety of lemon is being used above all by chefs from all over the world.

They generate a more artistic air to your creations and give cocktails a perfect touch.

It is also perfect for use in cakes and some pastries..

AND, to the same beat, pink lemon juice makes lemonade

created with it generates a delicious flavor, especially when we sweeten it with sugar or syrup.



Additional Information

Weight 6 kg

Limon Tiger Pink variegado



PLANT 80-100 CM


Lemon tree edge grafted on Lemon Tiger Pink

Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C).
Exposition: From sun to partial shade.
Irrigation: Abundant, do not let dry between waterings.

3 available

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