Leucothrinax morrisii

Leucothrinax morrisii is a species of palm in much of the

Caribbean with a natural distribution just including the Florida Keys;

its generic name was changed to 2008, separating the one from the others

four species of Thrinax. It is the only species of ‘Leucothrinax Morrisii’.

A palm from small to large of variable height (3-36 pies)

that has a thin trunk (2-14 inches in diameter) and grows slowly.

The trunk of older specimens may be covered with base fibers

old leaves tangled on top, with the lower part of the rough and gray trunk.

His crown has 20-30 palmed leaves, bright green above,

whitish underneath, 4-5 feet wide are born in a disarmed petiole 4-6 feet long.

Arching inflorescence bears white to yellow bisexual flowers,

with peak bloom in spring.

Fruits are white, about a quarter inch in diameter, used for propagation. This palm is undemanding, but grows best on calcareous soils, it is tolerant to cold and wind.

A good landscaping palm in small gardens, containers,

the seashore and along the roads.

This palm does not have major pest or disease problems.

Its leaves are traditionally used for roofed roofs.


Leucothrinax morrisii is one of the most familiar cultivated palms of the

Caribbean region and is also found in tropical gardens and conservatories around the world.

Its status as a distinctive monotypic genus had not been

recognized so far, since it shares many characteristics

visibles con Thrinax excelsa, T. parviflora and T. radiata.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Leucothrinax morrisii



PLANT 50-60 CM


Origin: Florida and Caribbean.

Height: 10 meters

Rusticidad: 9b (-3º C)

Exposition: sunny in half shade

Irrigation: abundant, do not let dry between waterings

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