flying lontaroides

The lontaroides latania are native to the Mascarene Islands, where they enjoy a mild climate all year round. The genus comprises only three species: L. loddigesii, L. verschaffeltii Y L. lontaroides.

They have some resemblance to the Pritchardia, although its growth is somewhat faster.

They reach a height of about 8m, and precious palmate leaves are about 40-50cm a wide.

They have a single trunk, slightly swollen at the base, with a thickness not exceeding 25cm diameter.

Is, well, an exceptional plant for all types of gardens.

He will live in mild climates great, with temperatures above -1ºC.

If you live in a somewhat cooler area in winter It is convenient to protect the cold, for example, inside the home in a very bright room.

Even so, If you like to experiment, from experience I can tell you that flying lontaroides better resists low temperatures, but you need some protection.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

flying Lontaroides



PLANT 20-30 CM


Common name: flying Roja.
Origin: Mascarene islands.
Height: 12 meters
Rusticidad: 10a (-1,5º C)
Exposition: Soleada
Irrigation: Abundant

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