Howea belmoreana

Howea belmoreana paid subscriber to make a compost in spring

Multiplication: Propagation by seeds sown in a warm soil, moist and rich in organic matter.

Poda: Perform light maintenance pruning in late winter or summer, consisting remove unwanted resprouts, stems and leaves damaged. More detail in pruning palm trees.

Botanical family: Aracaceae.
Origin: Isla Lord Howe (Australia), Oceania.

Of interest: Decorative palm tree by its exotic appearance, Ringed slender stem and pinnate foliage and arched green.

It produces panicles of flowers near the base of the leaves, to which fruits are reddish green. It grows well in fertile, well-drained soils and temperate.

They did not go well excessive heat or dry environments, therefore it needs frequent watering during the drier months.

It presents little resistance to frost, to -4 ° C. It is suitable for potting palm or houseplant.


Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

Howea belmoreana M20



PLANT 70-80 CM


Height: 6 meters
Rusticidad: 9b (-4º C)
Exposition: From sun to shade
Irrigation: Let dry between waterings moderate

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