Tineke elastic fig

The Ficus elastica Tineke never goes out of style,

with its wide shiny leaves it gives a retro-chic touch

to any corner of the house.

The Ficus Tineke has extraordinary variegated leaves with warm tones.

The Ficus are one of the best plants that we can

choose to purify the small layer of air that surrounds them in their environment.

This Ficus is distinguished from the others by being the variegata

lightest of the family, being an excellent complement

for any urban jungle being easy to care for and giving a unique tropical touch.

Light: Prefers abundant indirect light, tolerating partial light and also direct light at the beginning or end of the day.


Temperature: Prefers a mild, humid climate with temperatures

between 16-24°C, can also withstand lower temperatures

as 12°C during short periods.

Avoid cold droughts.


Irrigation: When the substrate is slightly dry, water abundantly

and evenly over the entire surface,

letting the pot drain excess water.

Do not allow excess water, as it will cause the plant to rot,

one of the symptoms is the fall of the leaves of the plant.

It is resistant to drought conditions.

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Tineke elastic fig

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