Encephalartos ferox

Encephalartos ferox son dioecious plants with underground stems that do not usually

branch out and reach 1 meter length.

The leaves are between 1-2 meters in length and are formed

by leaflets with thorns reminiscent of holly leaves.

They produce visible female cones that are egg-shaped and colored

orange or red; for his part, the male cones are cylindrical and can

measure half a meter in length.

It is used in gardens as isolated specimens under trees.

or shrubs in cool areas of the garden.

They are excellent for Mediterranean coastal gardens.

In their places of origin the ground seeds were consumed to form a kind of bread.

The Cica zulu prefers a semi-shade exposure and warm temperatures.

It is better that it does not suffer frost although it can tolerate some mild frost.

They usually live in sandy soils, so the soil should

be very well drained and contain leaf mulch

well decomposed to be somewhat fertile.

These cycads will need a little more water than other cycads.

its gender so the risks will be regular (without soaking)

but waiting until the soil is almost dry before adding more water.

An annual fertilizer based on organic matter is sufficient at the beginning of

spring and a slow release mineral fertilizer at the beginning of summer.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg

Encephalartos ferox



PLANT 60-70



Origin: South Africa
Height: trunk to 2 meters
Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C).
Exposition: from sunny
Irrigation: let dry between waterings.