Yucca elata


Plant 2-3 trunks 40-50 cm

Flower pot 26 cm

North American deserts origin .

Height: Until 5 meters.

Rusticidad: 4b (-25º C).

Exposition: from sunny.

Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.

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Yucca elata

Yucca elata plant trunk branched brown, and small diameter cylindrical, up 1,2-4 m height.

The leaves are arranged in a dense spiral set at the stem end

each sheet has 25-95 cm long and 0.2-1.3 cm wide.

It blooms in spring.

The bell-shaped flowers grow in dense sets at the apex of the stem,

they have 32-57 mm long and are white-cream color and often dyed pink or green.

The fruit is a capsule of 4-8 cm long and 2-4 cm wide.

It is native to southwestern North America in the Sonoran Desert and the Desert

Chihuahua in the United States (West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona)

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