Serenoa repens silver


PLANT 80-90 CM


Origin: OF. THE.
Height: 3 meters
Rusticidad: 6a (-23º C)
Exposition: Soleada
Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings


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Serenoa repens silver

Palm tree trunk underground, which can sometimes grow up to 3m, Serenoa repens is slow growing.

One of the hardiest species.

Serenoa repens is a shrubby palm with some thorns

It can be used as a hedge or as a decoration as it is very decorative with its white sheets, You can tolerate -23 ° C until.

shrubby something small palm tree has at least two different variants.

A, offered here, It is a fabulous blue silver.

This variant is usually found near the Atlantic coast.

Mainly in Florida, Today it is quite rare due to urbanization and the development of agriculture.

The other variant is pale green, and covers huge areas of pine forests and scrub in marshes inside their habitat and northern Alabama, North Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolinas.

This silver Serenoa is a dwarf palm desired that is gaining popularity as an ornamental plant robust reliable and extremely resistant to cold.

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