ficus ginseng bonsai


PLANT 80-85 CM


Origin: Asia

Height: – meters

Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C)

Exposition: Sunny to semi-shade

Irrigation: Moderate, let dry between waterings

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ficus ginseng bonsai

ficus ginseng bonsai Native to tropical areas of Asia, receives different names.

Ficus India, Indian laurel or Ficus bonsai.

A nickname, the latter, eye-catching and which largely explains what kind of plant it is.

And we say this because Ficus Ginseng acts like a bonsai in terms of care and growth..

Something that, aesthetically, breaks with the idea that we have preconceived of this type of trees.

And it is that it has a substantial difference: its size.

Ficus Ginseng can reach a height of one and a half meters, though

it is usual that the subway is around.

Nevertheless, its similarity to bonsai is such that its botanical name is inevitably linked to this family of trees.

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