Dictyosperma album rubrum


PLANT 200-220 CM


Origin: Mascarene islands
Height: 20 meters.
Rusticidad: 9a (-2C).
Exposition: From sunny to shady.
Irrigation: Abundant

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Dictyosperma album rubrum

Origin: Dictyosperma album rubrum

Mascarene islands, Mauricio.

Solitary trunk up 20 meters high and 25 cm diameter based more swollen.

An attractive high-growth palm, with a prominent capital, pale and base bulky trunk.

Dictyosperma album has very decorative sheets, up 3 meter long adult.

Pinnate leaves arcuate leaflets arranged uniformly sharp, long and hanging.

Young is ideal as a houseplant because it is more decorative.

In tropical and subtropical gardens, plant isolated (solitary copy).

Tolerates all soil types, both acid and alkaline.

Better pot substrate with neutral or slightly acidic and well drained.

Does not tolerate freezing, only to -2 ° C for a short time.

Withstands wind, hence its common name “Palmera hurricane”.

Great for seafront.

It grows rapidly in a sunny position, water and adequate food.

It requires heavy irrigation.

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