Aloe plicatilis


PLANT 40-50 CM


Origin:South Africa

Height: 4 meters

Rusticidad: 9b (-3,8º C).

Exposition: Soleada.

Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.

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Aloe plicatilis

Aloe plicatilis can be considered to this aloe as a tree of small

size as it can reach almost 3 meters or as a bush or shrub when younger.

As it grows the stems peel off and end in a tuft of flat leaves

fan-shaped, opposite, gray-green, fleshy.

Margins are serrated on top of sheet but except closely,

it is priceless, the tips of the leaves have a brownish color.

The stems take on a woody appearance.

The flowers appear in autumn winter in clusters and consist of a few 30

tube-shaped, red flowers on a flower stalk almost half a meter high.

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