Dypsis soanieranae

Dypsis soanieranae a small and solitary species of the

northeast of Madagascar which is quite unique for the fact

to have pinnate leaves in a very subtle and regular way

in combination with a branchless inflorescence.

It had not been seen since it was picked up by

first time in 1938, and it was believed extinct.

Dypsis is one of the largest individual genera of

the palm family, more than 170 species ranging from

small plants from the understory to emerging canopy palms

massive and almost all sizes in between.

Other genres, like Calamus and Chamadorea, they can be bigger

in terms of the number of species identified, but none

is more diverse in shape and habitat.

Dypsis is an extraordinary phenomenon of evolutionary diversity;

It is “supergenre” consists of numerous genera of palm trees

separated previous, including Vonitra, Chrysalidocarpus,

Phloga, Neophloga, Phogella, Trichodypsis, Haplodypsis, Adelodypsis, Antogilia and Neodypsis.

As diverse as they are, Dypsis, Nevertheless, they all have four

Common things: all are pinnate, they are all monoecious, everybody is

“unarmed”, that is to say, they have no thorns, and all are endemic to Madagascar or nearby islands.

Whatever type of habitat there is in Madagascar, most likely

is that some species of Dypsis grow there.

While rainforests have a large number of species,

Dypsis also grows in habitats ranging from steep rocky ravines, open sheets, “thorny forests”, “white sand forests” and many other habitats

both in wet and dry places.

The only habitat that Dypsis is not known to inhabit is truly aquatic, although some species come close.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Dypsis soanieranae



PLANT 40-50 CM


Origin: Madagascar.

Height: 8 meters

Rusticidad: 10a (-1,º C)

Exposition: Sunny to half shade

Irrigation: Abundant

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