Dypsis lutescens

Dypsis lutescens palm tree popularly known as areca, it is a spectacular plant.

fast growing, It is pretty both in a pot and in the garden.

Perhaps that is why it is one of the best known in the world., since it is also

grown quite often indoors.

Nevertheless, there are many things that we should all know if we want to

have a copy, Well, although it is not difficult to take care of, yes there is

to keep in mind that she, like all plants, has his preferences.

Our protagonist is a multicaule palm tree -with several trunks- whose

scientific name is Dypsis lutescens, known as areca, bamboo palm tree,

yellow palm tree, the golden fruit palm.

It is originally from Madagascar.

It reaches an average height of 3 meters, but it can reach 6m.

The leaves are pinnate, arched, green in color and measure between 2 Y 3 meters long.

The flowers are grouped in interfoliate inflorescences., and produce yellowish fruits

that turn black when ripe.

Its trunks are ringed and thin., about 30cm thick, reason why

which is ideal for all types of gardens.

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

Dypsis lutescens



PLANT 120- 130 CM (3 logs outdoor cultivation)


Origin: Madagascar
Height: 7 meters
Rusticidad: 9b (-2º C)
Exposition: semi-shade to shade
Irrigation: Abundant, do not let dry between waterings.

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