cyca revoluta

The Cyca revoluta or Sago Palm is a very old plant,

more than 300 millions of years of existence is about a living fossil,

appeared before the dinosaurs.

Its appearance is reminiscent of a palm tree, but is not.

Height: 50-200 cm maceta.

It reaches the 5 m in the wild (optimal conditions).

slow growth. In pot it grows less than in soil.

It may take 20 years to grow 1 metro. This makes it suitable as a bonsai.

They are very long-lived plants, more of 200 years.

There are male and female plants.

The male has a pineapple in its center while the female

produces a mass of ovaries that after fertilization

turns into orange-yellow woolly seeds

and the size of a large bean. They remain open in the center of the plant.

The seeds are toxic, for both humans and animals.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Pets are at particular risk is

found the plant especially tasty.

If the quantity of the plant is ingested, it is necessary to contact a poison control center immediately.

This plant is cultivated in Java to extract sago, the edible marrow of its stem.

Cycas revoluta is a plant used to warm environments,

with little thermal oscillation between summer and winter (like coastal areas).

It is an important cultivar in an area away from very cold temperatures in winter, with risk of frost.

This species is much more sensitive to cold than other varieties of palm trees, so you have to take it into account.

Especially, in the first years of life, where if our climate is very cold,

we can grow as a houseplant (later we will provide some tips)

and gradually adapt it to said climate by transplanting it in the garden.


All species in the Cycadaceae family need high exposure to light,

being able to plant in full sun without any problem, due to its resistance and rusticity.

In very hot areas, where the 45 ºC,

can be grown in semi shade, for example, in a garden where also

we can plant other species of larger palms.


Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

Cyca rolled m30



PLANT 70-80 CM



Origin: Asia.
Height: Until 5 meters.
Rusticidad: 9b (-3,8º C).
Exposition: Soleada.
Irrigation: Abundant, do not let dry between waterings.

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