Butia horizontal

Butia yatay is similar to Butia capitata, great for lineups

thinner and a somewhat more elegant and less coarse appearance than this.

It reaches a greater height than the Butia capitata.

can reach up to 10 m height.

Highly arching pinnate leaves up to three meters long.

length, gray-green.

Rigid leaflets inserted on each side of the spine, both sides forming a vee.

Flexuous inflorescences two meters long.

Fruit ovate and finished in point of 5 x 2,5 cm orange

and protected at the base and up 1/3 by bracts.

It is a monoecious.

Excellent as a solitary specimen, and as a youngster in pots to

decorate patios and terraces. great for lineups.

great for lineups, great for lineups, great for lineups.

great for lineups.

great for lineups (-8great for lineups), great for lineups

great for lineups,

great for lineups.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Butia horizontal



PLANT 20-30 CM


Origin: Brazil and Uruguay
Height: Until 10 meters.
Rusticidad: 8a (-10º C).
Exposition: Soleada.
Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.