Allagoptera leucocalyx

Allagoptera leucocalyx a beautiful dwarf palm, widely distributed in Bolivia,

Paraguay, northern Argentina and south central Brazil, where it grows

in the savanna over sandy soils to heights of 1.000 m, forming dense groups.

Forms a branched underground trunk that gives rise to a cluster of crowns

with feathery fronds that are dark green above and silver below.

Due to its interior habitat, it will withstand cold and drought better than its popular cousin the A. arenaria.

Will grow well in a temperate to tropical climate, and can withstand moderate frosts.

Despite being very common in the wild, it is very difficult to find its seeds.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Allagoptera leucocalyx



PLANT 10-15 CM


Origin: Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Height: 2 meters.

Rusticidad: 9b (-3,8º C).

Exposition: Soleada.

Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings.

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