Agave titanota FO-076 striated

Agave titanota is a medium-sized agave, extremely robust in appearance and forms a

mostly solitary rosette with wide, open crown of few leaves, up 75 cm diameter.
There are two different forms of this plant, the typical Agave titanota defined by Gentry with white leaves

ghostly that mix little by little in the habitat with the round and greener shape described by Felipe Otero

(frequently sold as Agave sp.. Sierra Mixteca FO- 076 o Agave horrid var. oteroi ),

Nevertheless, some blue plants are isolated at the edge of the range of green populations,

no green plants around.
Leaves:Wide white alabaster (in the gentry way), deep grayish-green or pale blue

(in the form Felipe Otero) up 60 cm long, 12 cm wide and are wider

near tip and narrower at base Leaf margins are lined with varying degrees of teeth,

from almost toothless to wide

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

Agave titanota FO-076 striated



PLANT 23-25 cm


Origin: Mexico

Height: 1 Metro

Rusticidad: 9a (-5º C)

Exposition: Sunny to semi-shade

Irrigation: Moderate, let dry between waterings


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