Agave salomonii

Agave salomonii Discovered in 2018 by Salomon Javier Romero, growing

on rock outcrops in a remote valley in Oaxaca, this Agave amazingly

beautiful was first introduced to horticulture by rarepalmseeds.

as in 2019 like Agave sp. 'Magnificent'. Now it has been given its own botanical name,

published in 2022 by Greg Starr.

Agave salomonii is a medium-sized species that forms clusters of rosettes

compact with broad, pale green leaves whitish below.

It will make a beautiful ornamental plant suitable for a variety of warm temperate climates..

Additional Information

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Agave salomonii



PLANT 17-19 CM


Origin: Mexico
Height: Until 0,7 m.
Rusticidad: 9a (-4º C).
Exposition: Shaded.
Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings

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