Agave potatorum Kichijokan

Agave potatorum Kichijokan; Description Very attractive little rosette of growth

forming succulents, generally solitary and stemless.

The bigger it gets, the stronger the margin, the spines, overall color and shape.

(This cultivar shows a few different variegated forms and there are no two

plants that are exactly identical to each other)
Rosette: Open, symmetrical, hemispherically up to 25 high by 25 Wide

Leaves: Short blue / gray with beautiful wide shape, curved up,

spoon-shaped ending in a wide “V” inverted.

The outermost sides of the leaves have beautiful lateral marbling

cream colour (and occasionally also a pale green variegation along the center of each leaf).

Nice traces are present on the reverse of the leaves. The edges are purplish / maroon in color.

The leaves have large rust-colored teeth and a long, sharp terminal spine that

contrasts well with pale leaf color.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

Agave potatorum Kichijokan



PLANT 18-20 CM


Origin: Mexico

Height: 1 Metro

Rusticidad: 8B (-8º C)

Exposition: Sunny to semi-shade

Irrigation: Moderate, let dry between waterings

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