Adansonia za

Adansonia za a very large sensational deciduous tree,

reaching up to 30m high, with a thick trunk,

up to 10m in diameter, bottle shaped, purple-gray color.

The large, attractive flowers are orange in color and open at night.

In native to the thorn forests and savannas of southern and western Madagascar.

In cultivation, ideal for dry tropical locations in USDA zones 10 and higher

The African baobab is a tree with a large trunk, bottle-shaped or irregular and full of knots.

Its height can range from 5 Y 30 m, and the diameter of the cup exceeds 11 m.

The bark is smooth and the wood fibrous, where you store water.

The leaves only sprout in the rainy season, in summer in the

southern hemisphere and in winter in the northern hemisphere.

The leaves of the adult tree are compound, have of 5 a 11 foliolos

that arise from the same petiole in a circle and whose borders are whole in

all species except the rubrostipa species, that has them jagged. Young trees have simple leaves and gradually lob.

The flowers are hermaphroditic, actinomorfas, about 10 cm, with white petals.

All species bear fruit at the end of the dry season or the beginning of the wet season..

The fruit is a dried berry or a thick capsule shaped like an elongated melon.

The seeds are numerous, big, kidney shaped.

Wrapping the seeds is a cream colored pulp, whose texture varies from

earthy to spongy depending on the species and age of the fruit. The seeds live more than five years.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Adansonia za



PLANT 55-60 CM


Origin: Madagascar

Height: 30 meters

Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C)

Exposition: Sunny

Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings