Adansonia Grandidieri

Adansonia Grandidieri a baobab that can reach the 25-30 m,

they have a large cylindrical trunk (with a diameter of up to 3 meters)

and they have an almost "squashed" cup, arranged horizontally, forming like a wreath of branches.

The crust is smooth, gross, up 10-15 cm in adult specimens, grayish-reddish in color.

Between October and May the crown fills with palm leaves, bluish-green in color,

composed of some 6-9 elliptical leaves, lanceolate, covered in thick fluff, almost velvety.

Flowers, that appear between May and August, they have creamy-white petals,

almost yellowish in the most adult specimens.

Has a very strong odor and hatches at night.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Adansonia Grandidieri



PLANT 50-60 CM


Origin: Madagascar

Height: 30 meters

Rusticidad: 10a (-1º C)

Exposition: Sunny

Irrigation: Allow to dry between waterings

4 available

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