Acrocomia crispa

Acrocomia crispa is a tall spiny palm tree, from 5 a 7 meters tall with a thin stipe at the base

y at the top but swollen in the middle, changing the name Cuban belly palm in English,

and is strictly related to the genus Acrocomia.

To the trunk when young , it is surrounded by several rings formed by long dark spines,

this also covers the following parts of the large leaves or stalks:

the central rachis, median nerve segments and limbus .

It blooms in spring and its flowers are highly visited by bees., its fruits,

also called corojo, They are round, like miniature coconuts, yellow on the outside,

with a thin shell and very hard endocarp; inside it has a white walnut,

solid, of the same flavor of the dried coconut mass, something softer.

Distribution and habitat
Abundant especially in the Camagüey area, in Cuba, on very rocky calcareous terrain.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Acrocomia crispa



PLANT 15-20 CM


Origin: Cuba
Height: 5-7 meters
Rusticidad: (-2º C)
Exposition: Soleada
Irrigation: Moderate, let dry between waterings